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BadgeFlora Welcome to the FloraSage Therapies Institute. I’m Flora Peterson Sage, Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Psychic. To learn more about me please read the Meet Flora page.
BadgeEnroll Enroll in the FloraSage Therapies Institute Inner Circle to get a full All Access Pass to all the Classes, Meditations, Live Monthly Events and much more that are featured in the Institute!
BadgeIC The hub and heart of the FloraSage Therapies Institute. This is where your Classes, Programs, Meditations, Live Monthly and Weekly Gatherings are plus the Private Forum where you can discuss, learn and grow with others at the Institute.
BadgeClasses For those who want to try out a class or two before enrolling for the All Access Pass, this is a place to read about each class offered at the FloraSage Therapies Institute. For those interested in enrolling, this gives you a sneak peak of all the classes you will have access to.
BadgePrograms These programs are the Heart of the Institute and the most popular of them all. These programs are where the “Rubber Meets the Road” Where people just like you are going to, to finally get Clarity, Direction and Confidence back in their life.
BadgeMeditations Flora believes that meditation is medicine for the soul and spirit. Many of these meditations are integrated in various classes and programs at the Institute and are a quick and easy way to experience a break through in your life.
BadgeBooks Flora offers a power packed trifecta of “How To’s” in her Highly acclaimed books. A little something for everyone.

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